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Improve home fengshui with candle deco

by on Aug.16, 2010, under Oatz Candles

Light is a beacon for balancing darkness. Both light and dark are essential in our lives. Recognizing the existence of each is part of the practice of Feng Shui. Every area of the home requires an equal balance of both during the course of a day.

Feng Shui supports the use of light in many forms the most powerful of which is natural light. Nothing can compare to the strength and purity of the light of the sun. Keeping your windows and skylights clean and your sheers, blinds, shutters and drapes clean to remove them but make sure you have a way to pull them back in a purposeful manner and that they are kept clean and in good working condition. Use them to adjust the light in the room to appropriate levels. During the day is important to reaping the benefit of natural light.


So what happens to areas in the home that have no access to natural light and sit in darkness during the daylight hours? Or homes that have minimal window surface, oddly placed windows, or that reside in areas that have shorter amounts of daylight to warm them or are situated on the land with north facing windows in prominent areas of the Feng Shui floor plan? These would all be considered homes that fall into darkness or that are unbalanced in the area of light and dark.

Homes with unbalanced light need an artificial or alternative source to draw light from. The use of table lamps, overhead lighting, floor lamps, neon lighting, and mirrors to bounce light into far corners are all ways to bring light into a space. Your goal of course is to keep the light evenly distributed throughout the space.


One alternative source of light that is often overlooked is the use of candles. Candles bring with them the need for caution and alertness as they can be misused and cause injury and fire along with the possibility of harming yourself or someone else in the process of their misuse.

Candles usually light the immediate area around them very well but can highlight that area and leave the rest of the room in darkness. Here are some guidelines for using candles as part of your Feng Shui practice:

1. Keep the light level even by using groups of candles or combining them with other light sources. The idea is to balance the light in the room so adjust the light levels as the day progresses.

2. Keep candles cleaned up and wicks trimmed. It is easy to overlook the dripping and melting of candles. Keeping candles in containers can help to alleviate the need to cut them back and keep them trimmed up. If you are not getting a strong flame from the candle it is probably time to replace it with a new one. Flickering or smoking flames are not good Feng Shui.

3. Check the area you have chosen to burn candles in against a Feng Shui bagua or the guidelines of Feng Shui that you follow. Some areas do not respond well to candle burning and will need other cures to balance them out. For instance, candle flames are great in the Fame and Reputation area of the home but not necessarily so in the Creativity sector. The Relationship area and the Wealth area also benefit from candle flames. Check to make sure you are using fire in the correct areas.

4. Consider the color of the candle you are using and the area you will be using it in. Colors correspond to particular areas of the bagua and energy can be enhanced when you burn candles of a particular color.

5. Consider enhancing the candles energy by adding scent to the mix. This may take some investigation to get the color, shape and scent to harmonize with the area you wish to burn it in but well worth the time. Combining or creating layers of energy by mixing color, scent and shape together in the right amounts can add to the energy in a room.

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Candles for room deco

by on Aug.12, 2010, under Oatz Candles

A lot of people use candles for practical reasons, while a lot more others are interested in them as decorations. People believe that a candle symbolizes hope and a brighter future. Whether used in birthday cakes, in church during baptism, on tables during romantic dinners – candles instantly changes the mood of the people around it. The mere light it shines is more beautiful compared to that of an electric bulb.

As decoration, candles are also preferred by many people. The sense of romance and elegance is captivating and can brighten up the dark mood of the people around it.

Here are some ways on how you can decorate living spaces and lift the mood of the people around you at the same time.

1. Flower decorations can be made even more beautiful by adding candles. You can wrap ribbons around the candle and then stick in your flower pot or bundle and you can instantly have elegant decor without having to spend much. Use a colored ribbon that can complement the color of your flowers or the flower or plant pot.

2. Candles can be used at your dining table and not just during romantic dates. The light at the center of your dining table can bring a sense of peace, and if with children around, they can be really festive when they see the candles lit as they know it is not just a simple dinner but that it is a fun celebration.

3. Candles in the living room can balance out all the modern electronic technology and once again bring a sense of ‘homey-ness’ in your living room. Candles can make you feel relaxed and calm your being – making the living room truly ‘live’ once again.

4. Romance and passion will come alive when you place candles in your bedroom as décor. It can open your senses and give a feeling of sensuality once lit and its romantic ambience can truly awaken the senses. At the same time, especially when you are alone, candles can remind you of your favorite spa or massage area and bring you a sense of peace and calm.

5. Candles are more popularly used as decoration during Christmas. You can dress up your candles with ribbons, lace, wreaths, and other Christmas novelties you can think of. If you know how to make your own candles, you can mold them into different designs such as angels, reindeer or a pine tree. At the same time, you can also give candles as gift during Christmas, and on other occasions such as weddings as wedding candle favors.

Candles can be used for religious events and can be equally useful as decorations as well. You just need to have a little creativity and as they are made of wax, you can mold them into different designs that can complement your home. Candles also come in different colors, so you can express yourself and personalize your decor based on your personal preference for colors. Just have fun and know that in every way, candles can help beautify your place.

There are also some other simple steps for you the deco your home:

Step 1

Keep candles away from electrical appliances. Do not place candles directly on electronic devices, like a television set or stereo in your living room. Heat from the candles, even if they are in candle holders, could break down components inside these appliances, and any dripping wax may cause irreparable damage.

Step 2

Store out of reach of pets and children. Since the living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house, there is an increased risk of children and pets knocking over candles placed down at their level. Display candles at higher levels, such as on top of entertainment centers or fireplace mantels, or use decorative wall sconces that accent you living room furniture and keep candles up and out of the way.

Step 3

Use smokeless candles. Purchase candles specially made to emit a minimal amount of smoke or keep candlewicks trimmed to a quarter of an inch to keep them from sputtering or giving off a lot of smoke. Excess smoke discolors paint on your walls and furniture fabrics and damages photographs and electronics.

Step 4

Change with the seasons. Choose candles that celebrate holidays and seasons throughout the year to keep your living room lively and fun. Tropical or fruity scents during the summer and apple and pumpkin pie scents in autumn keep your living room feeling seasonally festive.

Step 5

Make it a family affair. Since your living room is a room that the whole family spends time in, make the decorations in this room a reflection of everyone in the family. Let each member of the family choose a scent for the room, display every family member’s favorite color on a different candle or dress up ordinary candles with glitter appliques, beads and glue as a fun art project with the kids.

Please use caution and common sense when burning candles. Dorm residents usually are not allowed to have candles in their rooms.

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Candles for Feng shui

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Oatz Candles

Articles from ” fengshui.about.com”

How to use of candles for good feng shui?

Are there specific feng shui guidelines for the use of candles? Yes, of course. Candles are the strongest expression of the feng shui elements of Fire in your home (if you do not have a fireplace, of course). As such, there are specific feng shui guidelines that are good to be followed when taking care of the energy of your home.

Being a Fire feng shui element, candles invoke the energy of purification and inspiration, they warm up the energy and help release daily stress.

Candles are best used in the  Feng Shui area of South, Southwest, Northeast and Center. When using candles as feng shui cures, be mindful about their colors, as well as the candle holder material/element.

Another important aspect of the use of candles at home is the health aspect as relating to the quality of indoor air.

After experimenting with many different candles, I recently made the decision not to use paraffin candles indoors. Some research shows that the soot from a paraffin candle contains many of the same toxins that are produced by burning diesel fuel.

As with everything, it is not only the looks, but the energy of any given object, and there are important things to know about candles before making an intelligent choice about using them in your home.

Palm wax candles are the  best candles you can afford; burning a high quality candle in your bed room  for at least 15 min before going to sleep can considerably shift the energy and contribute to a much better sleep.

As for example, a yellow feng shui candle symbolizes the earth and is used in order to achieve harmony in a union or relationship. This means, that for example, if you are looking for a relationship harmonization, you would help that to happen by using a yellow candle.

A red feng shui candle represents the element fire and is used in order to achieve reputation and fame. On the other hand, a white candle can represent and symbolize two different things. First, a white candle symbolizes heaven and represents helpful friends, teachers and goal reaching. And secondly, a white candle can also symbolize a lake and represent joy, kids and the illumination of creativity.

A last important feng shui candle color is the orange and it can be given three different uses. First, it symbolizes a mountain and represents wisdom and peacefulness. A second use an orange feng shui candle can have is in order to achieve wealth and growth, symbolizing the sun. And lastly, an orange candle also represents water and helps improve career and work life in general.

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Essential oil for Teens

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Essential Oil

Using Natural Remedies to help you deal with common teen issues

You have probably heard all the talk about natural remedies, but have you ever considering giving them a try? nature has an answer for almost everything that ails you and the products are easy to use. In fact, many natural products are easier on your body than their laboratory produced counterparts. One of the easiest and nicest way to give natural remedies a try is using essential oils.

Bath or Shower

Add 10-20 drops of a pure essential oil or a few cap-fulls of diluted oil (or blend) to a hot bath. Enjoy the smell as the beneficial oils are absorbed by the skin. In the shower, put a few drops of il on a cloth or sponge and rub all over body paying special attention to trouble spots and stress points.


Add 5-10 drops of you an indicated oil (or blend) to a medium bowl of very warm water. Soak a cloth in the bowl. Gently wring the cloth out and apply to the troubled area.


Use heat to send a scent across a room. In candles, make you own by adding 3-5 drops of an essential oil to melted wax while it is in a mold. Let cool and use. Never put an essential on a wick or flame. Use a specially made diffuser (electric or candle powered) and place 5-10 drops of an oil blended with water over the heat source.


Place 1-2 drops on a dry cloth or handkerchief and place over nose; inhale deeply. Use as an addition to an electric facial steamer. Fill a skin with hot water and add 3-5 drops of oil. Lean over the sink and place a towel across your head and shoulders to keep in the vapours; inhale deeply. Inhale oils directly from vial.


Add 15-30 drops of an essential oil ( choose one oil or combine several, but do not use more than 30 drops) per 30ml (1 oz) of the carrier oil of your choice. Carrier oils dilute the essential oils so that they can be applied to your skin. Many pure essential oils will irritate your skin and must be mixed with a carrier oil if they are to be applied topically. As your aromatherapy specialist if you have any questions about a specific oil. Some common carrier oils are: Grapeseed oil, almond oil, canola oil, olive oil.

Personal Care

Hair care: add 8-10 drops of an essential oil for every 30mil (1 oz) of hair care product. Choose an unscented or very lightly scented product. Essential oils can be used as fragrance and / or remedies to problems like dandruff and oily scalp. Skin Care: add 10 drops (alone or in combination) of essential oils to 30ml ( 1 oz) skin care cream, lotion or non-alcoholic toner. Again, choose an unscented or very lightly scented product. Some oils can be applied to the skin full strength and some oils come specially blended for use skin care.

Personal Fragrance

Mix the essential oils of your choice with a carrier oil or unscented body mist at ratio of 5 drops of oil per tablespoon of the products. Create a truly original signature scent!

How can teens benefit from aromatherapy and essential oils?

Teen hormones are particularly sensitive. The use of synthetic over the counter drugs can have short and long term effects such as mood swings, anger, and depression. The use of phyto-medicines is pro-biotic rather than anti-biotic (meaning they work with nature not against it). Essential oils are the easiest and most pleasant of the phyto(plant) medicines.

Aromatherapy seems like a” girl thing”, can guys use these products as well?

Absolutely. The masculine segment is the fastest growing in the world of aromatherapy as men want results and aromatherapy delivers. Men want logic. When they understand that aromatherapy is highly concentrated therapeutic plant material that is applied topically to affected areas, it makes sense to them.

What are the benefits of using essential oils ( compared to commercial products for things like acne, headaches, muscle pain, etc?)

A topical application is more effective than ingesting drugs through the intestinal tract. Phyto (plant) medicine have side benefits for their use, rarely if ever a negative side effects. Synthetic drugs all have side effects- NO EXCEPTIONS.

When should essential oils NOT be used?

During pregnancy or when it is contra indicated (meaning when an oils is recommended for something that contradicts what you need it for, when it is specially not to be used with another oil or when a professional tells you to stay away) or not properly blended.

Can essential oils help with acne?

Very much so. A skin care system with essential oils will retrain the skin to operate as it should.

Can essential oils help with dry skin?

Rose geranium and lavender are examples of oils that transform skin to it’s original and intended state.

Can essential oils help with studying and memory?

Memory gains can be had, 30% to 100% by using single oils or better yet a blend as a memory anchor. Put 2 drops on the back of the hand when studying and have the same blend at exam time. It works and it’s fair game!

Can essential oil help with puberty and growing pains?

Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint are  very effective at regulating hormonal shifts and pain release can be effectively relieve the pain and inflammation of sore muscles and joints during growth spurts.

Can essential oils help with love and romance?

Our products will bring a sensual scents to someone’s bath or shower or provide stimulating massage oils.

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How To Use Essential Oils To Improve Your Life

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Essential Oil

Suggested Uses Bath, Diffuser, Massage, as a Perfume, or Body/Room Spray.

These are general guidelines. Every essential oil may not be suitable for some uses.

Diffuse Add 5-10 drops of essential oil blend to the well of your aroma lamp, be sure to add enough water. A lamp ring is another alternative.
Bath: Add 6-8 drops to a bath. Swish to mix oils or better yet dissolve in 1/4 cup milk or 1 teaspoon vegetable oil.

Spritzers These are easy to make just follow the guidelines below. Use 4 oz. of distilled water To make a facial mist use 8-10 drops of essential oils per 4 oz. of distilled water. 30-40 drops per 4 oz. for a body spray 80-100 drops per 4 oz. for a room spray. Some essential oils may not be suitable.
Massage /Body Oil Add 6-10 drops to 1 ounce unscented oil Try Sweet Almond or Grapeseed oil.

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Difference between fragrance and essential oil

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Essential Oil

Articles refer from candleandsoap.about.com

What is the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils – especially as they relate to candle making and soap making?
Well…if you’re a candle maker or soap maker who uses them interchangeably – who makes candles and makes soaps that just smell good (to you and others,) regardless of whether it’s natural or not, then there’s probably not much difference at all. As long as it’s a quality fragrance or essential oil, and has been tested to be safe in the application you’re using it for.

But if you’re dedicated to making only natural soaps and natural candles, then there is all the difference in the world! Few topics in soap making and candle making have engendered so much discussion, debate and controversy as fragrance oils vs. essential oils in candle and soap making.

But let’s start with the basics:

What is a fragrance oil?
A fragrance oil is a mix of various chemical components, some natural (from plants or even animals), and some synthetic. They are carefully formulated and/or blended to the exact specifications of a perfumer whose goal is to design a scent. “The perfumer is effectively an artist who is trained in depth on the concepts of fragrance aesthetics and who is capable of conveying abstract concepts and moods with their fragrance compositions.” – Wikipedia -” Perfumer”  Sometimes they are formulated to smell like something occurring in nature (e.g. lavender, pine, bluebonnets, strawberries), or sometimes they are formulated to smell like an entirely new creation or concept (e.g. spring rain, love spell, winter wonderland.)

There are literally thousands of various compounds that each have their own scent…that blended together create a fragrance oil. Some fragrance oils contain essential oils as part of the natural components or constituents. Some do not. Some contain synthetically made constituents of essential oils. To help thin the various compounds, and to help create some uniformity of strength across fragrance oils, they are usually diluted with a “diluent.”

Whether the constituents of the fragrance oil are safe on your skin will determine whether or not a fragrance oil is “skin safe” for soap, lotions or other cosmetic applications. Fragrance oils, and especially the constituents that make up fragrance oils, are guided by the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials which generates, evaluates and distributes scientific data on the safety assessment of fragrance raw materials found in perfumes, cosmetics, shampoos, creams, detergents, air fresheners, candles and other personal and household products. Perfumers and fragrance oil blenders are also guided by IFRA, the  International Fragrance Association, which is the official representative body of the fragrance industry worldwide. Its main purpose is to ensure the safety of fragrance materials through a dedicated science program. They focus on fragrance safety both as it relates to the consumer and to the environment.

The DuPont Corporation used to use “Better Living Through Chemistry” as their slogan. Think of fragrance oils as “Better smelling through chemistry.” Just like chemistry has created many wonderful and safe things that make our world better, easier and more pleasant – chemistry has created many wonderful-smelling things that are a part of our everyday lives.

However, not everyone believes in “Better Living Through Chemistry”…especially as it relates to chemicals in our soaps and candles. What if you want it natural?

What is an essential oil? Much of the renaissance of soap and candle making in the 20th Century was due to people wanting to get back to more natural ways. Whether out of fear of cancer or other health problems, wanting less chemicals in our environment, or just a desire for a simpler existence, people began wanting the things around them to be more natural. From the food they eat to the soap they bathe with, some people want nothing in or on their bodies but the pure basics. These are the warriors for the use of essential oils in candles and soap.

Essential oils are natural oils that contain the “essence” of a plant. They are the liquid or resin that is distilled, pressed or extracted from different parts of the plant – leaves, flowers, bark, berries, root, needles, seeds, beans, peel, cones, wood, stalks etc. Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation, though some oils are gotten through other processes like expression or solvent extraction.

Sometimes the oil can come from different parts of the plant – a few plants (like an orange tree) contain several different essential oils in different parts. Orange essential oil is derived from the fruit, neroli from the flower blossoms and petitgrain from the leaves.

It takes many, usually hundreds of, pounds of plant material to make a pound of essential oil. It takes about 200 pounds of lavender to make a pound of lavender essential oil. It takes over 2000 pounds of rose petals to make a pound of rose essential oil. (That’s why it’s SO expensive!)

Essential oils can be used in making soap and making candles – as well as in making many other fragrant items like room sprays, lotions, bath salts and oils, balms etc. They are also, of course, the foundation for the whole practice of aromatherapy.

For the most part, they can be used in about the same concentrations, and used in the same ways as fragrance oils. Remember, many fragrance oils contain essential oils as part of their blends.

Some people may be concerned about the safety of essential oils – and rightly so. Essential oils are powerful organic chemicals. But the same care should be taken whether using fragrance or essential oils in your candles and soap. Chemicals are chemicals whether they’re created in a lab, or created in nature. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe to put in or on your body.

So which is better?
I love essential oils. I also love fragrance oils. I had both of them in my soaps and candles. I do not believe that either one is inherently better than the other. They both have their proper uses, cautions and advantages. Like with all things, it is up to us candle makers and soap makers to learn all we can so that we can make educated choices about the products we make.

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