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How to Make Perfume by using essential oils

by on Sep.10, 2010, under Oatz Candles

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How would you like to have your own signature scent that lingers in a room or in the mind of that special someone long after you’ve taken your leave? It is exciting to know that your personal fragrance is unique to you and that no one else will ever be able to go out and buy the same scent. Making your own perfume is easier than you might think. With the right ingredients and a simple formula, you’re well on your way to that one-of-a-kind essence that represents you and only you.

Things You’ll Need:

* Essential oil(s)
* Vodka or pure grain alcohol
* Distilled water
* Perfume bottle
* Coffee filter
1. Choose the right essential oils. You will need some to be your perfume’s base, middle and top “notes.” You will also need an essential oil to act as a bridge or binder for the other three. Perfumes are blended according to a formula that includes three parts or notes. The base note is the strongest and longest lasting, while the top note is the lightest and first to dissipate. When selecting your essential oils, you can use as few or as many as you like, but the use of three separate fragrance layers with a binder is the generally accepted structure for building a perfume. Here’s a partial list of essential oils categorized as binders, base, middle and top notes. Base: cedar, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. Middle: clove, geranium, lemongrass, bottle nutmeg, neroli and ylang-ylang. Top: bergamot, lavender, lemon, lime, neroli, rose, jasmine and orchard. Binder: vanilla and lavender.

2.Place 8 drops of your base-note essential oil, followed by 8 drops of your middle note and finally 8 drops of your top note into 2 1/2 oz. vodka. Ultimately, your fragrance should follow the following formula: 15 to 30 percent essential oil, 70 to 80 percent pure grain alcohol (vodka works best) and 5 percent distilled water.

3.Add a few drops of binder oil to the mixture if your selection of essential oils does not already include some.

4.Let the mixture sit for at least 24 hours. The longer the mix stands, the stronger the fragrance will be. Let it stand for as long as you need to in order to achieve the right combined fragrance of the oils.

5. Add 2 tbsp. distilled water to the essential oil-vodka mixture. Mix well.

6. Add a few drops of glycerin as a fixative to help the fragrance last longer. Mix well.

7. Before the mixture can settle, pour it into a perfume bottle through a coffee filter. The filter will act as a strainer for any particulate matter left behind from the oils and extraction process.

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Improve home fengshui with candle deco

by on Aug.16, 2010, under Oatz Candles

Light is a beacon for balancing darkness. Both light and dark are essential in our lives. Recognizing the existence of each is part of the practice of Feng Shui. Every area of the home requires an equal balance of both during the course of a day.

Feng Shui supports the use of light in many forms the most powerful of which is natural light. Nothing can compare to the strength and purity of the light of the sun. Keeping your windows and skylights clean and your sheers, blinds, shutters and drapes clean to remove them but make sure you have a way to pull them back in a purposeful manner and that they are kept clean and in good working condition. Use them to adjust the light in the room to appropriate levels. During the day is important to reaping the benefit of natural light.


So what happens to areas in the home that have no access to natural light and sit in darkness during the daylight hours? Or homes that have minimal window surface, oddly placed windows, or that reside in areas that have shorter amounts of daylight to warm them or are situated on the land with north facing windows in prominent areas of the Feng Shui floor plan? These would all be considered homes that fall into darkness or that are unbalanced in the area of light and dark.

Homes with unbalanced light need an artificial or alternative source to draw light from. The use of table lamps, overhead lighting, floor lamps, neon lighting, and mirrors to bounce light into far corners are all ways to bring light into a space. Your goal of course is to keep the light evenly distributed throughout the space.


One alternative source of light that is often overlooked is the use of candles. Candles bring with them the need for caution and alertness as they can be misused and cause injury and fire along with the possibility of harming yourself or someone else in the process of their misuse.

Candles usually light the immediate area around them very well but can highlight that area and leave the rest of the room in darkness. Here are some guidelines for using candles as part of your Feng Shui practice:

1. Keep the light level even by using groups of candles or combining them with other light sources. The idea is to balance the light in the room so adjust the light levels as the day progresses.

2. Keep candles cleaned up and wicks trimmed. It is easy to overlook the dripping and melting of candles. Keeping candles in containers can help to alleviate the need to cut them back and keep them trimmed up. If you are not getting a strong flame from the candle it is probably time to replace it with a new one. Flickering or smoking flames are not good Feng Shui.

3. Check the area you have chosen to burn candles in against a Feng Shui bagua or the guidelines of Feng Shui that you follow. Some areas do not respond well to candle burning and will need other cures to balance them out. For instance, candle flames are great in the Fame and Reputation area of the home but not necessarily so in the Creativity sector. The Relationship area and the Wealth area also benefit from candle flames. Check to make sure you are using fire in the correct areas.

4. Consider the color of the candle you are using and the area you will be using it in. Colors correspond to particular areas of the bagua and energy can be enhanced when you burn candles of a particular color.

5. Consider enhancing the candles energy by adding scent to the mix. This may take some investigation to get the color, shape and scent to harmonize with the area you wish to burn it in but well worth the time. Combining or creating layers of energy by mixing color, scent and shape together in the right amounts can add to the energy in a room.

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Candles for room deco

by on Aug.12, 2010, under Oatz Candles

A lot of people use candles for practical reasons, while a lot more others are interested in them as decorations. People believe that a candle symbolizes hope and a brighter future. Whether used in birthday cakes, in church during baptism, on tables during romantic dinners – candles instantly changes the mood of the people around it. The mere light it shines is more beautiful compared to that of an electric bulb.

As decoration, candles are also preferred by many people. The sense of romance and elegance is captivating and can brighten up the dark mood of the people around it.

Here are some ways on how you can decorate living spaces and lift the mood of the people around you at the same time.

1. Flower decorations can be made even more beautiful by adding candles. You can wrap ribbons around the candle and then stick in your flower pot or bundle and you can instantly have elegant decor without having to spend much. Use a colored ribbon that can complement the color of your flowers or the flower or plant pot.

2. Candles can be used at your dining table and not just during romantic dates. The light at the center of your dining table can bring a sense of peace, and if with children around, they can be really festive when they see the candles lit as they know it is not just a simple dinner but that it is a fun celebration.

3. Candles in the living room can balance out all the modern electronic technology and once again bring a sense of ‘homey-ness’ in your living room. Candles can make you feel relaxed and calm your being – making the living room truly ‘live’ once again.

4. Romance and passion will come alive when you place candles in your bedroom as décor. It can open your senses and give a feeling of sensuality once lit and its romantic ambience can truly awaken the senses. At the same time, especially when you are alone, candles can remind you of your favorite spa or massage area and bring you a sense of peace and calm.

5. Candles are more popularly used as decoration during Christmas. You can dress up your candles with ribbons, lace, wreaths, and other Christmas novelties you can think of. If you know how to make your own candles, you can mold them into different designs such as angels, reindeer or a pine tree. At the same time, you can also give candles as gift during Christmas, and on other occasions such as weddings as wedding candle favors.

Candles can be used for religious events and can be equally useful as decorations as well. You just need to have a little creativity and as they are made of wax, you can mold them into different designs that can complement your home. Candles also come in different colors, so you can express yourself and personalize your decor based on your personal preference for colors. Just have fun and know that in every way, candles can help beautify your place.

There are also some other simple steps for you the deco your home:

Step 1

Keep candles away from electrical appliances. Do not place candles directly on electronic devices, like a television set or stereo in your living room. Heat from the candles, even if they are in candle holders, could break down components inside these appliances, and any dripping wax may cause irreparable damage.

Step 2

Store out of reach of pets and children. Since the living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house, there is an increased risk of children and pets knocking over candles placed down at their level. Display candles at higher levels, such as on top of entertainment centers or fireplace mantels, or use decorative wall sconces that accent you living room furniture and keep candles up and out of the way.

Step 3

Use smokeless candles. Purchase candles specially made to emit a minimal amount of smoke or keep candlewicks trimmed to a quarter of an inch to keep them from sputtering or giving off a lot of smoke. Excess smoke discolors paint on your walls and furniture fabrics and damages photographs and electronics.

Step 4

Change with the seasons. Choose candles that celebrate holidays and seasons throughout the year to keep your living room lively and fun. Tropical or fruity scents during the summer and apple and pumpkin pie scents in autumn keep your living room feeling seasonally festive.

Step 5

Make it a family affair. Since your living room is a room that the whole family spends time in, make the decorations in this room a reflection of everyone in the family. Let each member of the family choose a scent for the room, display every family member’s favorite color on a different candle or dress up ordinary candles with glitter appliques, beads and glue as a fun art project with the kids.

Please use caution and common sense when burning candles. Dorm residents usually are not allowed to have candles in their rooms.

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Candles for Feng shui

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Oatz Candles

Articles from ” fengshui.about.com”

How to use of candles for good feng shui?

Are there specific feng shui guidelines for the use of candles? Yes, of course. Candles are the strongest expression of the feng shui elements of Fire in your home (if you do not have a fireplace, of course). As such, there are specific feng shui guidelines that are good to be followed when taking care of the energy of your home.

Being a Fire feng shui element, candles invoke the energy of purification and inspiration, they warm up the energy and help release daily stress.

Candles are best used in the  Feng Shui area of South, Southwest, Northeast and Center. When using candles as feng shui cures, be mindful about their colors, as well as the candle holder material/element.

Another important aspect of the use of candles at home is the health aspect as relating to the quality of indoor air.

After experimenting with many different candles, I recently made the decision not to use paraffin candles indoors. Some research shows that the soot from a paraffin candle contains many of the same toxins that are produced by burning diesel fuel.

As with everything, it is not only the looks, but the energy of any given object, and there are important things to know about candles before making an intelligent choice about using them in your home.

Palm wax candles are the  best candles you can afford; burning a high quality candle in your bed room  for at least 15 min before going to sleep can considerably shift the energy and contribute to a much better sleep.

As for example, a yellow feng shui candle symbolizes the earth and is used in order to achieve harmony in a union or relationship. This means, that for example, if you are looking for a relationship harmonization, you would help that to happen by using a yellow candle.

A red feng shui candle represents the element fire and is used in order to achieve reputation and fame. On the other hand, a white candle can represent and symbolize two different things. First, a white candle symbolizes heaven and represents helpful friends, teachers and goal reaching. And secondly, a white candle can also symbolize a lake and represent joy, kids and the illumination of creativity.

A last important feng shui candle color is the orange and it can be given three different uses. First, it symbolizes a mountain and represents wisdom and peacefulness. A second use an orange feng shui candle can have is in order to achieve wealth and growth, symbolizing the sun. And lastly, an orange candle also represents water and helps improve career and work life in general.

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Best Natural Herbal Soap for your skin

by on Jul.28, 2010, under Oatz Candles

Is Your Soap Causing Harm to Your Skin?

When choosing soap, it is important to choose the right soap for your skin type, whether it is an herbal soap, a handmade soap or a commercial soap. Much commercial soap contains lots of chemicals which can be harmful to skin. A natural herbal soap can be a good alternative.

Herbal Soaps: Are They Effective?

Much commercial soap contains lots of chemicals which can be harmful to skin. A natural herbal soap can be a good alternative. Soaps containing natural products are healthier for your skin and less likely to have any damaging effect. They are also less likely to provide a trigger for common skin complaints. Commercial soaps also remove the glycerin from soap. Glycerin helps the skin keep in moisture, and so soap that has had the glycerin removed is more drying. Natural soaps usually keep the glycerin in.

Natural soaps also make use of aromatherapy and herbal treatments to provide the best treatment for your skin. Herbs can help treatment skin problems and nourish the skin. Aromatherapy can have a positive effect on physical and emotional health.

When choosing a natural soap, check the ingredients. Some soaps may claim to be natural or herbal, but may in fact contain chemicals and harmful ingredients. They might also claim to contain ingredients such as lavender, when they really contain lavender scented oil. Scented oil is not the same thing as the essential oil and will not produce the same effect.

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Meaning of Aromatherapy

by on Jul.28, 2010, under Oatz Candles

Therapy using palm wax candles and Pure essential oils

Articles refer from picperfect.com.au

Therapy using 100% pure essential oils:

Pure Essential Oils have the power to calm and joy, rejuvinate and nourish our mind, body and spirit. Humans are vulnerable to scent, and we often react to a smell emotionally before becoming aware of it physically. Our pure essential oils and essential oil candles will change your mood in a positive way and lift your spirits. In scientific terms, this is because smell sends a direct message to the limbic system, the part of the brain that governs emotions.

Essential oils are sometimes called the ‘life force’ of plants. The oils are extracted from various parts of the plant: the roots, leaves, flowers, bark and fruit; and have been used for centuries to heal humans and even animals. Pure essential oils are also used for spiritual as well as physical purposes.

Pure essential oils are a great and natural way to relieve pain, aches and illnesses. By using them on thier own or in a blend, Essential oils are extremely versatile, you can use them in many ways; Candles, massage with a base oil, oil burners, vaporisers, baths, atomisers and compression. Which ever way you use the oils, you will see a positive outcome.

Aromatherapy is one way we can learn to heal ourselves. The key to living a fulfilled life is to nourish and balance ourselves on all levels. Our range of oils and candles will help you reach your potential. Filling the atmosphere with exquisite healing aromas. These wonderful fragrances generate a natural feeling of wellbeing and influence the range of emotional and physical conditions that touch us as we go about our daily lives.

Therapy using Palm Wax Candles:

Palm wax comes from the fruit of palm trees. The oil palm grows in Western Africa, South & Central America and varieties of it throughout the globe. These trees are now domesticated and grow on plantations. The fruit is very rich in oil that is used for cooking, soap, cosmetics and quite perfect for making durable, long lasting natural wax candles. Many palm plantations are now adopting eco-friendly, sustainable farming and fair trade practices, which are good for the environment and for the people that work there.

Beautiful Appearance
Palm wax is a beautiful crystalline natural wax that makes a high quality, long burning candle. It has a stronger scent throw of Pure Essential Oils than other candles, while it is burning and also when it’s cold. Either way, it fills the room with beautiful healing aroma. Small round candle burn- time 17 hours, Large round candle burn-time 96 hours.

When it comes to candles, nothing lends as much beauty and luminescence as these natural wax pillar candles do. They can have a distinct ice-like appearance which resembles the frosty crystals that collect on windows in the winter time.

One reason why this natural candle wax is such a preferred choice in candle making is because of its hard texture and high melting point. So, even in the summer when it gets quite hot, the candles remain hard and sturdy. Palm wax is even harder than paraffin, which gives you an idea of its durability and strength.

No Soot!
The beauty of our palm wax candles is they are 100% biodegradable, and the candles smokeless . They have a hotter flame, which means no black soot while burning. Our candles have a natural cotton wick which makes them entirely environmentally friendly. Palm wax candles aroma fills the room for hours.

Use Caution While Burning Your Pillar Candle

  • Make sure to burn the candle on a heat resistant surface.
  • Always make sure to keep the candle away from any flammable substances and objects.
  • Make sure there are no flowing curtains near the candle as they can easily catch fire.
  • Keep the wick trimmed to a length of one-fourth inch. This will prevent a smoking flame and any accidents from happening.
  • Make sure to remove all debris and wick trimmings from around the candle.
  • Keep the candle in an area where there is minimal draft. Also, keep out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure a burning candle is attended to at all times as leaving it unattended could cause potential problems.

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Natural handmade soap VS Commercial soap

by on Jul.07, 2010, under Oatz Candles

Articles refer to” naturallyskintastic.com/blog/archives/the-advantages-of-handmade-all-natural-soap-versus-commercial-soaps” and ” chandlerssoaps.com/commercial-vs-handmade.html”

Okay, so you are not an environmentalist. What about the advantages of using a Handmade soap on your skin ? These are numerous. In addition to the idea of not using toxic chemicals on your body that get absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin, all natural soaps actually make your skin softer. This is because they contain organic materials that naturally hydrate the skin. Commercial soaps are made with chemicals that dehydrate the skin. For this reason, people are often advised against using commercial soaps to wash their face as well as to wash their hair. This is because of the drying properties.

Generally, when one speaks of Commercial soap one is referring to soap made in huge batches (100,000 pounds or more) in a mechanized process where the glycerin is removed and fillers and sometimes synthetic detergents added. Often a commercial soap manufacturing plant has facilities for refining oils, recovering and purifying glycerin (which is then sold separately) and producing soap in various final forms.

All natural soaps, however, are safe to use in every face. Not only can they be used on the body to achieve softer and more hydrated skin, but they can also be safely used on the face as well as on the hair. The organics contained in all natural soap will benefit everything that they touch. Best of all, you will start to notice the results of using homemade all natural soap right away. Your skin will feel softer and smoother.

Many companies that produce soap and soap related products (such as shampoos, cleaning agents and even toothpaste) buy the basic soap and then add their own ingredients and packaging to the final product.

Handmade soap, on the other hand, is generally thought of as soap made in smaller batches with personal attention, where the naturally occurring glycerin is retained in the soap. Fillers or detergents are rarely added to hand-crafted soaps because these require facilities and chemistry unavailable to (and unwanted by) most hand-crafted soap makers.

Often the hand-crafted soap maker does the entire process from start to finish, including manufacture, scenting, curing, cutting, trimming and packaging.

There is also a hybrid form of soap-making, called melt and pour. It is a commercially produced soap base which is chemically formulated (through the use of various additives) to be able to be melted and then poured without changing its consistency. The soap base is then purchased by a soap maker who melts it down, adds colors, scents and other artistic touches and packages it for final sale. Melt and Pour soaps can be true soaps and are generally considered to be “handmade” if more than 50% of the entire process from recipe formulation through to packaging is done by hand.

As people begin to become more aware of the dangers of using chemicals in our every day lives, more folks are switching to all natural products. The demand for organic products, especially skin and bath products, has risen considerably in the past decade. As we keep hearing about the different dangers in the chemicals that we use every day, especially in our hygiene products, we look for viable alternatives. Fortunately, natural soap is one of the easiest ways you can eliminate the use of toxic chemicals right away.

Once you use homemade organic all natural soap, you will wonder why you ever used commercial soap in the first place. Natural soap is the way nature intended for us to get clean. There is no reason to use chemicals on your skin on a daily basis that have been linked to cancer. Switching to organic soap is one way that you can not only save your skin and promote a healthier environment, but is a way that you can actually work to prevent problems with your health.

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Why should we use Palm Wax Candles?

by on May.30, 2010, under Oatz Candles

Paraffin candles has been around for centuries, and is most likely the wax that the majority of candle purchasers are familiar with. Paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct, and it  is a major component of paraffin wax, it also tends to emit more smoke and potentially hazardous toxins than its natural wax counterparts.

But paraffin wax tends to hold fragrance better, longer and easier than natural waxes. Typically, the scent throw from paraffin candles is stronger and can fill larger spaces more effectively.

Today,  natural waxes such as soy, beeswax and palm wax, have become readily available in the market. While natural waxes may be slightly more expensive than paraffin, they are still an affordable option.

Palm wax candles their scent throw is typically softer than paraffin, sometimes attaining a strong scent throw, or getting heavier amounts of fragrance oil to blend well with the wax.  They may also have a tendency to form bubbles which make the candles less attractive to the eye.

Overall, palm wax candles do burn cleaner with less soot than paraffin candles, avoiding sooty build-up on walls. They are easy to clean up by just soap and water in the event of a spill.

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Wooden Candle Holder

by on Mar.25, 2010, under Oatz Candles

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