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Natural handmade soap VS Commercial soap

by on Jul.07, 2010, under Oatz Candles

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Okay, so you are not an environmentalist. What about the advantages of using a Handmade soap on your skin ? These are numerous. In addition to the idea of not using toxic chemicals on your body that get absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin, all natural soaps actually make your skin softer. This is because they contain organic materials that naturally hydrate the skin. Commercial soaps are made with chemicals that dehydrate the skin. For this reason, people are often advised against using commercial soaps to wash their face as well as to wash their hair. This is because of the drying properties.

Generally, when one speaks of Commercial soap one is referring to soap made in huge batches (100,000 pounds or more) in a mechanized process where the glycerin is removed and fillers and sometimes synthetic detergents added. Often a commercial soap manufacturing plant has facilities for refining oils, recovering and purifying glycerin (which is then sold separately) and producing soap in various final forms.

All natural soaps, however, are safe to use in every face. Not only can they be used on the body to achieve softer and more hydrated skin, but they can also be safely used on the face as well as on the hair. The organics contained in all natural soap will benefit everything that they touch. Best of all, you will start to notice the results of using homemade all natural soap right away. Your skin will feel softer and smoother.

Many companies that produce soap and soap related products (such as shampoos, cleaning agents and even toothpaste) buy the basic soap and then add their own ingredients and packaging to the final product.

Handmade soap, on the other hand, is generally thought of as soap made in smaller batches with personal attention, where the naturally occurring glycerin is retained in the soap. Fillers or detergents are rarely added to hand-crafted soaps because these require facilities and chemistry unavailable to (and unwanted by) most hand-crafted soap makers.

Often the hand-crafted soap maker does the entire process from start to finish, including manufacture, scenting, curing, cutting, trimming and packaging.

There is also a hybrid form of soap-making, called melt and pour. It is a commercially produced soap base which is chemically formulated (through the use of various additives) to be able to be melted and then poured without changing its consistency. The soap base is then purchased by a soap maker who melts it down, adds colors, scents and other artistic touches and packages it for final sale. Melt and Pour soaps can be true soaps and are generally considered to be “handmade” if more than 50% of the entire process from recipe formulation through to packaging is done by hand.

As people begin to become more aware of the dangers of using chemicals in our every day lives, more folks are switching to all natural products. The demand for organic products, especially skin and bath products, has risen considerably in the past decade. As we keep hearing about the different dangers in the chemicals that we use every day, especially in our hygiene products, we look for viable alternatives. Fortunately, natural soap is one of the easiest ways you can eliminate the use of toxic chemicals right away.

Once you use homemade organic all natural soap, you will wonder why you ever used commercial soap in the first place. Natural soap is the way nature intended for us to get clean. There is no reason to use chemicals on your skin on a daily basis that have been linked to cancer. Switching to organic soap is one way that you can not only save your skin and promote a healthier environment, but is a way that you can actually work to prevent problems with your health.

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