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Candles for Feng shui

by on Aug.07, 2010, under Oatz Candles

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How to use of candles for good feng shui?

Are there specific feng shui guidelines for the use of candles? Yes, of course. Candles are the strongest expression of the feng shui elements of Fire in your home (if you do not have a fireplace, of course). As such, there are specific feng shui guidelines that are good to be followed when taking care of the energy of your home.

Being a Fire feng shui element, candles invoke the energy of purification and inspiration, they warm up the energy and help release daily stress.

Candles are best used in the  Feng Shui area of South, Southwest, Northeast and Center. When using candles as feng shui cures, be mindful about their colors, as well as the candle holder material/element.

Another important aspect of the use of candles at home is the health aspect as relating to the quality of indoor air.

After experimenting with many different candles, I recently made the decision not to use paraffin candles indoors. Some research shows that the soot from a paraffin candle contains many of the same toxins that are produced by burning diesel fuel.

As with everything, it is not only the looks, but the energy of any given object, and there are important things to know about candles before making an intelligent choice about using them in your home.

Palm wax candles are the  best candles you can afford; burning a high quality candle in your bed room  for at least 15 min before going to sleep can considerably shift the energy and contribute to a much better sleep.

As for example, a yellow feng shui candle symbolizes the earth and is used in order to achieve harmony in a union or relationship. This means, that for example, if you are looking for a relationship harmonization, you would help that to happen by using a yellow candle.

A red feng shui candle represents the element fire and is used in order to achieve reputation and fame. On the other hand, a white candle can represent and symbolize two different things. First, a white candle symbolizes heaven and represents helpful friends, teachers and goal reaching. And secondly, a white candle can also symbolize a lake and represent joy, kids and the illumination of creativity.

A last important feng shui candle color is the orange and it can be given three different uses. First, it symbolizes a mountain and represents wisdom and peacefulness. A second use an orange feng shui candle can have is in order to achieve wealth and growth, symbolizing the sun. And lastly, an orange candle also represents water and helps improve career and work life in general.

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